Staff Testimonial

Charles H. Ramsey

Chief of Police / District of Columbia

"The role of police officer is one of the most intensely demanding and challenging in the arena of public service. The accruing stress of this profession frequently impacts the physical and emotional health. I took the Art of Living Program to learn some personal stress management tools to support me in my role as Chief of the Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia. The techniques are simple, powerful and effective."

Peter A. Roemer

M.D. Psychiatrist, Department of Corrections, / Government of District of Columbia

"... Prison Program successfully brings techniques for selfexploration and growth to those disenfranchised people who need it most. Our inmates benefitted greatly from the breathing techniques. The relaxed state of mind it gave them put them more in control of themselves and less subject to the thousand daily provocations inherent in prison life. They were inclined to take more responsibility for their own lives and less prone to act out and project anger."

Scott J. Eiliff

Program Coordinator, Probation & Court Services Dept / Third Circuit Court Madison County, Illinois

"The program is an enlightening experience, offering a refreshing change from usual curricula which attempt to educate from looking ‘outside in'. This program does the opposite: empowering individuals to seek understanding within themself first, giving rise to an opportunistic perspective on life. Seeing the effectiveness of helping individuals gain insight into stress, conflict and anger with my own eyes has made me a believer."

James L

Correctional Officer IV / Greathouse

"It has long been my belief that all correctional personnel must find a creative way of limiting the effects of stress on their lives. Stress from day-to-day living, coupled with their workplace stress, takes an unrecognized toll on them. The breathing techniques have made my life better. Concentration is back; frustration is down. I have recommended the program to everyone at work."

Client Testimonial

Adult male

Federal Correctional Institution / Englewood, CO

"I think that the Prison SMART classes were very productive not only for the human body, but for the mind. It help me realize and find what was wrong with me and how to fix it. It also helped me find the centre of my being, how to calmed my self using a few tricks. I also think this is a program that should be taken by everyone that will soon be release to the street so that they too find a way to cope with this world that have treat us so bad."

Adult male

Grafton Correctional Institution / Grafton, OH

"This class should be mandatory for all inmates. This experience has helped me heal my inner-self and the relationship that I have with my creator, by getting rid of all the negative things I was holding on to. There are places in my heart that are still closed, but this class has helped me realize this and I am now able to work through some of the pain."

17 year old juvenile male

Challenger Memorial Youth Center / Lancaster, California

"I enjoyed my time here and I would like to return. It allowed me to relax my mind, as well as clear it, and build confidence that was hidden deep within I didn't know about. My times aren't the best right now, but I will strive on to survive. At one point in time in my life I wanted it to end, but as I concentrated and looked deep inside myself, I found vital value. There is a lot for me to live for. There is responsibilities I have to take care of; there is a lot for me to change for. Thank you for all you've done."

Adult female

Northeast Pre-Release Center / Cleveland, OH

"The Prison SMART has been a healing experience for me. I can now look out from the inside and see the sense of strength, inner peace and new found wisdom of the breath. It is allowing me to trust and let other people be there for me. There is a feeling of power, a feeling of joy and excitement that comes from learning these new techniques. I like the woman I am finding in me."